How works

Our software and app are very user friendly – anyone can learn how to use them intuitively in just a few minutes. Here is a brief overview that shows how easy it is to create and share panoramas with the world.


Download the Holocam App

Once you have your hands on the hardware, you’re ready to get started: Download the free app (Android, iOS) to your smartphone or tablet. You can use it to operate and control the RICOH THETA S camera remotely via Wi-Fi. If you’re using any other type of camera, you can use the app as a mobile viewer and to manage your 360° panoramas.




So that we can create a user account for you, send an e-mail to: hello[at] With your login data you can upload 360° pictures to the dashboard either directly from your mobile device or from your desktop PC at home.



The dashboard


After you’ve uploaded pictures from a mobile device or desktop PC, the dashboard software quickly and automatically processes your pictures into interactive 360° panoramas. You’ll receive a HTML link that allows you to share your panoramas with friends and customers – all you need to do is copy the link and pass it on. This “embedded link” can also be integrated into any website to share your 360° experience with visitors.

Do you want to save your interactive panorama, complete with viewer, preview image and little-planet view, on your own hard disk? No problem – we provide you with all picture files as a downloadable zip folder.


Snap, upload, share – really is that simple!

Picture optimization and other features!

The editor on our dashboard allows you to optimize and edit your 360° pictures. You decide from which initial perspective the viewer experiences your panorama. Our little-planet intro, in which the viewer plunges into the panorama photo from above, is particularly spectacular. Pictures can also be made to rotate automatically with just a click of the mouse. If you are not happy with any step in the picture editing process, each change can be undone with the “Restore”function.

Virtual tours using hotspots
One special feature allows you to create virtual tours: With, setting hotspots and linking to the next panorama could not be easier. Simply place the hotspot in the panorama using the drag & drop function and select the next panorama picture – and the viewer is already on their way to the next waypoint on your tour. You can customize the size and color of your waypoints – there is no limit to the number of linked panoramas.